segunda-feira, 8 de abril de 2013

Brief Biography

My name is Henrique Moraes, I'm a independent musician and music producer. I started playing guitar back in 2005 and as soon as I could do something musically I got into music production, I am self taught, learnt most of what I know from just trying, although I had guitar classes, I've never attended music production classes. I've studied a lot of different musical styles and rythms, such as R&B, rock, metal, jazz, fusion and so on. I have a small homestudio in which I am capable of recording any of these styles with a variety of different instruments.

My goal right now is to produce music for basically anything that needs it, videos for youtube, video games, websites, etc. I really really love video games so it would be a greaty pleasure to see my music in games.

This is my soundcloud page:

I keep it updated with sample songs.

If you're interested in hiring me please email me at